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Fossil Day

A Recount of Fossil day


On Wednesday 5th February we had some people from Braintree Museum come to our school and teach us all about fossils. It was a really fun day and we learnt a lot about properties of rocks and the history of fossils! 


In the first session we conducted an experiment of different rocks and crystals to discover the properties of each one. One of the tasks of the experiment was to dunk your rock/ crystal into vinegar which made the room very smelly! We also had to scratch them, weigh them and try to break the rocks/ crystals!




In the second session we were given a presentation on what fossils are. Then we were able to use special tools to gently brush through sand and find fossils! We had to be very careful so we didn't damage the fossils beneath the sand. After that we were given clues such as puzzle pieces, plastic food and a fossil. We had to use these clues to work out which prehistoric animal it was. 

Lastly we sat down to hear a story from Mary Anning (not the real one)! She told us all about her life and we had to act out different parts as she spoke. Her life was really interesting and we loved acting out the different parts. Mary Anning would scour the beach and cliffs of Lyme Regis to find fossils (although they weren't called fossils back then). She would then sell them on a market stall. In 1823 she discovered the FIRST Plesiosaur Skeleton!  This long-necked sea creature looked so odd that many people thought it was fake at first. 


Once we had learnt all about Mary Anning we were able to draw some fossils on a blackboard.