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Fine Motor Skills

Welcome to our Foundation Stage Fine motor page! 


Here you will find links to some videos of activities and songs your child can watch and copy to help develop their fine motor skills, as well as a range of craft ideas for children to try! 


Here are some little challenge for you to all try too...


1) Can you find a shirt with lots of buttons? How many buttons can you do up in one minute? Can you beat mummy or daddy or a sibling?


2) Can you put your coat on and click the zip in, then do it all the way up and then all the way back down?


3)Can an adult put a piece of string across the room at you shoulder height to make a washing line? How many pegs can you peg on the string line? Can you peg some socks up on it?


4) Can you find some empty water bottles or milk cartons? Practice screwing the lids on and off.