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Farm Animals Fact Files


During English lessons (9.3.20 - 20.3.20 ), we are learning to...

*Compose questions to ask a farmer.

*Recognise the differences and similarities between farm animals.

*Recognise the features of a fact file.

*Create a toolkit for a great fact file.

*Answer comprehension style questions about farm animals.

*Arrange jumbled sentences into the correct order.

*Rewrite a sentence accurately with correct use of capital letters and full stops.

*Write sentences about a farm animal.

*Plan and create a fact file about a farm animal.

*Edit our fact files to check for accurate use of punctuation and description.

How many farm animals do you know? Can you recall some facts about them? Think carefully about the animal's diet, habitat, appearance, the sound it makes and how we care for it.

Farmer Duck (24.2.20 - 6.3.20)

Can you recall the main events of Farmer Duck? What does the farmer say to the duck? What does the duck say to the farmer? How is the duck feeling? How is the farmer feeling?

Farmer Duck

26.2.20 - Class 1GW had lots of fun today hotseating the characters of the farmer and the duck in 'Farmer Duck'. The children thought of great questions to ask both characters, and the children who acted in role gave briliant responses! These filled the room with laughter!

28.2.20 - Today we wrote sentences about a picture taken from 'Farmer Duck'. We used adjectives to describe the characters and items within the picture.

3.3.20 Today we changed the story of Farmer Duck by choosing a different animal for the character of the duck. We also changed the three main jobs which this character completes in the story. The children thought of lots of entertaining ways for the animals to remove the farmer from the farm!



Cursive handwriting

29.1.20 - handwriting practise - Today we practised writing ure, pure and sure in our neatest cursive handwriting. We are becoming expert cursive handwriters!

Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet

This is a cursive writing demonstration video showing how to write the letters of the alphabet in their precursive form, which will support your cursive (joined) handwriting. It models how to write the letters of the alphabet using pre-cursive script. Cursive handwriting is commonly taught in schools across the world.

Instructions 20.1.20 - 31.1.20

20.1.20 - Today we looked at the features of instructional texts.

22.1.20 - Today the aliens mixed up the steps of our instructions! We stuck them back in the correct order and highlighted the imperative verbs and adjectives.

24.1.20 - Today we thought carefully about the steps we took on Wednesday afternoon to make a Spaceship Porthole. We then wrote these steps remembering to include imperative verbs and a number for each step. Some of us also included adverbs and adjectives. Great writing today Class 1GW!

Whatever Next 6.1.20 - 17.1.20

15.1.20 - Today we started to write our innovated versions of Whatever Next. We will continue to write these on Friday before editing our work to check the use of punctuation and adjectives.

17.1.20 - Today we finished writing our 'Whatever Next' stories and edited to check for accurate use of punctuation.

Whatever Next!

Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy. Read by The Story Teller.