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Easter Challenges!

I will adding some Easter Challenges over the next few weeks just for fun - have a lovely Easter! x

Fitness Challenge - The Coin Challenge!


You can do this by yourself or with a partner (a sibling or an adult). You will need a coin and a timer.


For each round, flip the coin to see which activity you will do. Take turns to flip.

Each round is 45 secs with 25 secs rest to flip the next coin and go again!


1.   Heads = high knees       Tails = squats

2.   Heads = bicycles            Tails = crunches

3.   Heads = lunges              Tails = wall sit

4.   Heads = burpees            Tails = squat jumps

5.   Heads = plank                Tails = plank with shoulder taps

6.   Heads = push ups          Tails = tricep dips (from the floor/sturdy chair or coffee table)

7.   Heads = side lunge        Tails = sprint on the spot

8.   Heads = side plank        Tails = alternate leg raises

9.   Heads = sit ups              Tails = leg scissors (lying on back)

10. Heads = calf raises        Tails = glute bridge


Good luck!




A Maths based Easter Quiz - give it a go!




Right, you lot! Lots of you have said you are doing P.E. at home, Jo Wickes style, or playing footie in the garden or other activities but that you still have energy to burn off!

So I thought I would share with you a little work out challenge!


Telephone Challenge!

0 = 20 jumping jacks

1 = 15 squats

2 = 15 crunches

3 = 10 leg raises

4 = 10 push ups (on your knees or toes)

5 = 10 squat jumps

6 = 20 mountain climbers

7 = 20 lunges

8 = 30 high knees

9 = 20 bicycles

Complete your phone number, either a mobile or your home number (including your area code too!) Try not to rest in-between unless you have to but make sure you do each exercise safely with good form.


Rules =

Warm up a little first, jogging on the spot or skipping are fine!

If your telephone number has the same digit in it three or more times, you can substitute one of those digits for another number of your choice. 


Good luck!

Arty Challenges!

How to make an origami hummingbird
These humming birds looked really cool. Some of it is a little tricky and we had to stop and re-watch several times till we made sure we got it right – PERSERVERENCE! :)
We didn’t have coloured paper and used white paper which worked well as we then decorated them. If you made more than one, you could hang them up for decorations in your bedroom.

How to Make Paper Fish | Creating Paper Fish, Paper Art and Craft for Kids

A bit easier to make but looks great is the fish. It would also make for great decorating, either colouring or sticking on coloured paper to create fins, scales and patterns to make it look really interesting.

For both the bird and the fish, you must start with a squared piece of paper. You can fold over a piece of A4 to find a square.  See instructions below.

Here are the hummingbirds we made...