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Today is Safer Internet Day! To find out more information, please see Mrs Goodwin’s update on Tapestry. 


Hanging lanterns is a popular tradition that happens in Chinese New Year! Not only do their bright colours decorate people's houses, lanterns are also said to be lucky charms that keep away the Nian monster. According to legend the Nian monster is a fierce beast with sharp teeth and horns! 



We are going to following instructions to make our very own Chinese New Year Lantern :)! We will be thinking carefully about how the instructional language helps us to complete the task.


You can follow along with Miss Parish in the video below and make a lantern as she does (you may need to pause it every now and again).

Or you can print off the instructions attached below and make one with your Mummy, Daddy, sibling or adult helper.

Items you will need:

* One piece of A4 colour card/paper

* Scissors

* Celotape

* Glue

* Ribbon

* Glitter

* Sequins 


Making a Chinese New Year Lantern


Today in handwriting we are continuing to look at how weform the letter 'h'. Watch the video below for a demonstration of how to write the letter 'h' in our pre-cursive style onto paper!

Writing ‘h’ in pen

Still image for this video

Letter Formation Workbook - Today's letter is 'h'


Can you put the animals in the correct order of where they finished in the race? 

Read the Chinese New Year story below and then place the animals in the correct order. 

Maths Ordering and Sequence Challenge


Can you look at the sequence and work out the missing number? 

Write the sequence down and fill in the missing one!

WALT Order and Sequence Numbers

Still image for this video


Segment and blend

Still image for this video

Tuesday- ar digraph

Still image for this video

Miss Kelly used chalk but what else could you use today?

Alphablocks Series 3 - Card

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Please sponsor me and support my work by becoming a Patron!! 3 Tricky Words song as requested by many :) Tricky word...

Afternoon Activity

We are continuing to learn about Chinese New Year! It is the Year of the Ox!


We would like you to do some research for us:

What is an Ox?

Where do they live?

Can you draw what they look like?


Challenge:Can you find out a further three facts about Ox's?


You will find below a worksheet that you might like to present your work on. Or you might like to present it in your own way!

 To help you with your research we have attached a Power-Point with lots of information on and we have got some suggested websites below. We also have attached a special Chinese New Year Ox colouring sheet that you may like to colour after you have completed your work :)