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Introduction Part 1

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Introduction Part 2

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Today we are learning to understand rhyme. 

On the worksheet today, you will see there is a line underneath each picture. Can you write each word in your neatest Cursive handwriting. Use your sounds to help you to segment the words to help you to write them.  Can you blend the sounds to read each word?  

When you have finished, you may spot that there are three pairs of rhyming words. Can you find them? Read these to an adult at home.   

Rhyming Words Worksheet


This week you have learnt all about More and Less. What have you learnt? 

Numberblocks - Who's Bigger Than Who?


Let’s look at the digraphs we have learnt this week.

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Physical Education

What a super first week you have had! Time to relax now. 

Let's do some Space Yoga.

Yoga Time! | Space Picnic

Reflection Fridays

What have you enjoyed this week?

What have you learnt? 

Phone a family member or friend and tell them about your week.