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Welcome to 3C

My name is Mrs Cullen. I aim to nurture the children in a caring environment where each individual pupil can reach their full potential and become life long learners.

                                               Encouraging a love of reading 


We have introduced DEAR time within the classrooms of Year 3. Each day the children get to choose a book from the classroom and read it ANYWHERE in the room they wish. The children love snuggling up to a bear under the tables, on the comfy chairs and in our winter forest with a book! 


After school on Friday our reading area had a little revamp! 

I can't wait for the children to see it and for it to excite them about reading.



Week Commencing 09.03.2020

Maths - We have continued our work on Length and perimeter. The children have added and subtracted lengths using bar models, column methods and partitioning. Later in the week we moved onto learning about perimeter - the total distance the encompasses a shape (the length of the entire outer edge). We counted squares to find perimeter and then moved onto more mathematical techniques shown below. 

English - We have continued our work on Leon and the Place between focusing on speech punctuation. The children wrote conversations between two characters using SCAPS to aid their use of inverted commas. Later in the week we introduced a new scaffold to aid story writing. This is called DADWAVERS. This acronym aids the understanding of story structure - the childen worked in pairs to create different paragraphs for the original story. 

Science - This week we have looked at how our eyes let in light and sun safety. The children recapped on how to keep our eyes safe in the sun!

Topic - This week we continued our learning about life in the Iron Age and the introduction of Hill forts. The children worked in groups to create lift the flap posters to showcase their knowledge of this era of time.

 Week Commencing 02.03.2020

Maths - We have begun our work on Length and perimeter. The children have measured different items, converted units of measure and ordered measures with different units of measure.

English -  This week we have been writing setting descriptions related to our book 'Leon and the Place Between'. We have been using our senses to make our writing detailed. The children used fronted adverbials, similes and subordinate clauses  to excite the reader. 

Science - Our new topic is Light and Dark. We have looked at light sources and non-light sources linking to natural and man made light.

Topic - This week we have continued our learning about the Bronze Age focusing our attention on Stone. Henge. We also looked at Van Gogh's art. We linked these to areas of learning and created some art work. We painted in the style of Van Gogh's Starry Night and then created Stone Henge silhouettes to place over the top. The end result was very effective!





World Book Day

On WBD, Class 3C spent the day smiling while experiencing  book/word related activities!

Our words in class were a real range from agile to disheveled and studious to sleepy- we created a class dictionary using these words detailing their meaning, what word class they were and an example sentence.

 We became authors and illustrators - the children generated a story idea from rolling dice and choosing the corresponding pictures, drew their own front cover and began their writing.

Later in the day we played Taboo in small groups, went on a book scavenger hunt where the children had to find specific items in a range of stories. To end our fun filled day, we took part in a story quiz - the children had to guess the title of a book/story from short character, plot and setting clues. 

We all enjoyed our day and already look forward to next year. 



All the children in 3C reached the Tops Time Celebration this half term!laugh

Over the last 6 weeks you have produced work that shows how much you are challenging yourselves, shown you can be good role models for others and you are now showing more confidence in your own ability.

I am proud of all of you and I look forward to the next half of the year enjoy your break.



There is no official homework set for this half term. Use this time to finish any Topic projects you need to do.


Extra learning (if you want to do it)

  • Log onto PurpleMash I have set some ToDos that can keep your brains ticking over 
  • Write me a story about a circus.
  • Do a poster about your favourite book, a spelling rule or Rocks and Soils.


Reading through the half term is also required. Any reading will be added to your points …who will be the first to Gold?


Week commencing 03.02.12



We have started our learning on money this week. The children have counted and made amounts, converted pence to pounds and began to add two amounts together.

We have used the Part Part Whole method and Bar Modelling to represent our work.








In English this week we have started to write our own version of How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth....the improved version!  The children have drawn their illustrations, planned their instructions and began writing their finished piece. These will be finished next week and added to our Writing Wall of Fame.

After Fossil day, the children have written recounts of their amazing experiences. Here are some of the amazing work that has been produced within class.


Fossil Day!

On Fossil day the children got some hands on learning experiences to aid their understanding of our Rocks focus.

Session 1 - ordering the formation of a fossil, paleontology dig with sorting fossils and identify fossils from clues.

Session 2 - Mary Anning's life and drawing of fossils

Session 3 - exploring properties of rocks, experimenting with scratch tests, break test and acid tests and looking at the land formation in Essex.


The children had a great day and learnt a lot!


" I loved the second session because it was fun to see a story come to life"

"The Mary Anning session was fun because I love listening to stories"





In Topic this week the children traveled back in time and became hunter gatherers. They went out into our outdoor areas and gathered nuts and berries (pictures of). When they came back into class, they used information sheets to sort them into safe to eat and not safe to eat along with the seasons in which they grew. The children saw how seasonality was very important in the Stone Age and the reason farming became popular toward the end of the Stone Age. 

Week Commencing 27.01.2020


We have been looking at the short division method known as Bus Stop method. I am very proud of all the children in 3C for their determination and perseverance during this, known to be tricky, method for division. It helps you to divide multiple digit numbers by a single digit e.g 236 divided by 4.  


Watch this video for support and understanding 

Here is how we use it


This week we have been looking at instructions. We have read the story How to wash a woolly mammoth and used this book to deepen our learning.

We have been focusing our learning on imperative verbs (words that tell us to do something so are BOSSY), time conjunctions and adding detail. 

After writing our own improved set of instructions we acted it out. The children loved it and showed real joy in their learning as well as good progress with the types of words used mentioned above.


Over the last 2 weeks we have researched homes throughout the different ages. We have identified the changes over time from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age and then compared to our homes now.

following on from this learning we went into our Wildlife Area and built miniature, replica homes from the natural resources we found.

The children thoroughly enjoyed getting outside, working as a team and getting creative with what they found. 


WOW week!

This week, the learning behaviour within the classroom has been brilliant! Well done 3C I'm really proud of your efforts.


Week commencing



This week we have been focusing on prefix words in GPS and writing diaries in our English lessons. The children have pretended to be the boy from our focus text 'The Stone Age Boy'. They used the text to create a plan for their own diary and, after learning about the key features of a diary, wrote their diaries. Here are some examples of the brilliant work that has been produced in class. 



In Maths this week we have been learning the written method for short multiplication. 

This is used when we want to multiply a 2 or 3 digit number by a 1 digit number. For example 23 x 4. 


The children have worked practically, using drawings and then formally. 

Here is a video of method in use. 


Short multiplication no regrouping

Still image for this video

Short Multiplication with regrouping

Still image for this video


This week we have continued our work on Rocks and Soils.


The children used sweets to gain an understanding of how the 3 types of rocks are formed. 

Starburst Rock Experiment 2020


This week the children have learnt about cave paintings. 

We did some research, then drew and painted our own versions. The whole class were  thoroughly were engrossed in the learning while using charcoal to recreate an image in the style of a Stone Age person. 


It was a surprise to the children to find a cave built in our classrooms after lunch on Monday. They all enjoyed going in and adding their design to our class mural. 


Photos to follow...

First week back

The children have returned with a great attitude to learning and have embraced our new behaviour management system and are thoroughly enjoying Tops Time each day.



In Maths we have continued learning about multiplication and division. The children have been exploring related number facts, balancing equations and finding missing numbers.


In English we have focused on fronted adverbials and started our new focus story The Stone Age Boy, where they made predictions from the front cover.


We have began our Topic learning journey about The Stone Age by comparing our lives to life back then and started our Science focus on Rocks and Soils.


Ask the children to sing you our song!