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Watch the video below and look carefully at the formation of the letter 'j'. Using your finger and a tray of salt, sugar or sand, can you write the letter 'j' correctly? 

Write this letter on a piece of paper or alternatively complete the 'j' worksheet below. Have a look around your house, how many items can you find that begin with the letter 'j'? 

*Challenge* - can you write these words in your neatest cursive handwriting? 

Letter ‘j’

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Letter Formation Workbook - Today's letter is 'j'

*CVC spelling and writing challenge* - look at the some of the slides within the PowerPoint below. Can you put the letters in the correct order to spell the word that matches the picture? 

Big Write - ‘The Enormous ...’ Listening Ears at the ready!

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Today is our ‘Big Write’! During our Big Write session in school we choose our favourite part of the story to write. Today this will be a part of your innovated ‘The Enormous...’ story. Write in sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. If you would like to write more of the story that is absolutely fine. Listen carefully to the sounds that you can hear within each word. Are there any digraphs? This is when two letters make one sound.

Phonetic attempts for spelling is great. For example, when writing ‘soup’, some children may hear ‘s’, some ‘sp’ and others ‘soop’. All of these are perfect. 
We would love to add your writing to your big write folder so please drop a copy to the school, upload to Tapestry or email in.

*Challenge* - how many letters can you write in the cursive style? 


Number bond bus game!


Play the game with your family.


Write out the bonds if you need help to remember.


You could set up your own teddy bear bus! How many bears on the bus? How many get off? How many in total?




Number Bonds to 10 Bus

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02 The Number Bus.wma


Segment and blend

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Let's Get Creative!

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Let's watch and listen. Can you remember these phonic sounds?

Alphablocks Alphabet Song ABC Songs Alphabet Cartoon For Kids Alphablocks for Kids

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Wellbeing Friday

Golden Friday!


Well done for a super week of wonderful learning.


Sweetie Friday! Hide 10 sweets in your house, race a family member to hunt! How many did you get each?


Enjoy being little and completing an activity of your choice- this could be building a den, going for a walk, painting or just watching the TV!


Cut out the gold star and stick it to your t-shirt or jumper! Well done for being a super star!