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We are going to be looking at the much-loved, children's classic 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson!

We are sure that lots of your children a familiar with this exciting tale and are going to enjoy working on this book for the next few weeks.

We are going to begin by learning actions to a shorten version of the story, which will be easier for us all to learn!

Watch Miss Parish reading the shorten version below- can you join in with the actions?


The Gruffalo stories and actions

Now that you have had a go at learning the actions and retelling our story we are going to think about how to describe the character of the Gruffalo!

What is a describing word?

How can we describe the Gruffalo?

Looking at the worksheet can you draw a picture of the Gruffalo and add key describing features onto his body? 

e.g. his poisonous wart at the end of nose!

If you need a bit of help watch the video below :) 


Monday's Gruffalo input

Challenge: We hope you have enjoyed the lesson on the Gruffalo if you would like to explore the Gruffalo further have a look at the link below which will take you to a special website full of fun activities! 



Our focus letter for the next two days is ‘p’ can you practice writing your neatest ‘p’s’ in your salt, sugar or flour? We would love to see your best attempts!

Watch the video below for a demonstration on how to form your 'p'.


Practising the letter ‘p’

Still image for this video


This week we will be learning all about estimation and what it means. Estimation is all about 'having a good guess' 


Activity - Practical Estimation

- Estimate how many steps it will take to reach the top of your stairs

- How many starjumps will you be able to do in 10 seconds?

- How many hops will it take you to get from one side of the room to the other? 

- how many spoons will it take to fill up a cup?

- How many steps will it take to walk around your garden?


You can estimate anything! Remember to check afterwords to see if you were close. 


Questions to consider

How many do you think there are? Why do you think that?

Will it be more or less than 20? A lot more/less? Or a little more/less?
Will it be between 10 and 20? A little or a lot more than this? Or less than this?
How many can you see? How many do you think are hidden?
Was your guess more or less than the actual count?
Was your guess very close/way out? Why do you think that was?

What does Estimation mean?

Still image for this video

NUMBERJACKS | Best Estimate

Sesame Street:Estimation


Segment and blend

Still image for this video

Monday- ow digraph- part one

Still image for this video

Monday- ow digraph- part two

Still image for this video

Pictures and words to support learning for Monday and Tuesday

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Afternoon Activity



What do you already know about Dinosaurs?

Can you tell someone at home all the amazing things you already know about dinosaurs? Maybe you know some of the different dinosaur names or types!

What would you like to find out about Dinosaurs?

Look through this Power-point below it has the names and pictures of lots of different dinosaurs! How many do you know already?


We would like you to do some research on Dinosaurs!

You could chose one dinosaur and record your research on the fact sheet template below, or you could do a few if you want to.

You might like to present your work in your own way- maybe a nice poster or a mind-map!

You can researching using the internet or maybe you already have your own dinosaur books! You could also use the fact cards attached below to help you learn more about dinosaurs!

We can't wait to read what you have learnt :)