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Letter Formation Workbook - Today's letter is 'a'


As always we are going to start by practicing to retell the story using our story language and actions - how many have you remembered today? As you listen to the story think about the characters that the mouse meets.

The Gruffalo stories and actions

Our activity today is to sequence the Gruffalo story using our ordering language: first, next, then, after that.

Your job is to think about the order that the mouse meets the different characters in the story and then draw them in the right order, onto the boxes on the worksheet.

Challenge: Can you have ago at using the sounds you know to spell the names of the characters?

In the video below Miss Parish talks you through how to complete the worksheet :)

Tuesday’s Input

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yesterday you found all the different ways of making 10. Can you remember them? 

For this game you will need a set of playing cards.

First, cut out the playing cards below (or you could use a pack of cards from home)

The aim is to make bonds to 10. Take turns asking any player for a card you need (if you have a 4 you will need to ask a player for a 6). If the player has the card they have to give it to you. Once you have made a bond to 10, put the cards down in front of you. The first player to put down all their cards is the winner!

Good Luck! 


Finding 10! Card Game

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Number Pairs Song


Segment and blend

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Tuesday- ear trigraph

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ear Words | Phase 3 Phonics | Trigraph

Let's sound out some 'ear' words!If you would like your children to sound out independently, simply mute the video.🚨 SUBSCRIBE

The Tricky Words Song - Phase 3 Phonics (Part 1)!

These tricky words don't follow phase 3 phonics rules! Our new tricky words song for kids is here to help you learn all about common exception words with you...


Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores

Today we are learning the scientific terms for meat eaters, plant eaters and animals that eat both!

Read through the power point to learn the answers to these questions:

What is an herbivore/carnivore/omnivore?

What do they eat?

Now that you have learnt what Dinosaurs eat can you choose a dinosaur to design a dinner for?

Think carefully about whether your Dinosaur is a Herbivore, Omnivore or Carnivore as this well help you to design your plate.

If you enjoy learning about dinosaurs and music watch these raps below! They tell you facts about all of the different dinosaurs, help you learn to say their names and also tells you if they are herbivore, omnivore or carnivore!

Dinosaur Raps Playlist - Andy's Dinosaur Adventure's - CBeebies

Ten CBeebies Dinosaur raps in one handy playlist from CBeebies Andy's Dinosaur AdventuresVisit to find even more fun games and ...