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Today we are going to be writing a letter to someone special! It could be a friend, a parent or a family member. Remember, to think carefully about how to make your writing successful, e.g. have you used your pre-cursive writing, your capital letter at the start of a sentence, and remembered your full stop?


Challenge: Can you ask them a question? 

Tuesday's Input 2.2.21


We are continuing to look at the letter ‘r’ today! You will need some pens and some paper to practise on. You might want mummy or daddy to draw you some lines to write on with a midway line as a guide! 

Writing the letter ‘r’

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Letter Formation Workbook - Today's letter is 'r'


Where is Teddy?

Look at the PowerPoint activity below - Can you describe the position of Teddy?

Complete the activity below - Ask somebody to read the instructions and see if you can put Teddy in the right position. 

You could use your Teddy from home too! 

Where is Ted?

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Look at the pictures below and describe where Mr Bear is!


Segment and blend

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Tuesday- long oo digraph

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Understanding the World

We are thinking about how we take care of our planet and in particular why it is so important to try and play our part by recycling.


Watch this video which explains why we recycle, and what happens to our recycling - you may recognise the character Maddie from her show 'Do you Know' on Cbeebies!



CBeebies Explains The Environment 🌍 | 10 Minute Compilation

Teach your little ones all about the green stuff with CBeebies Explains The Environment! 🌍.

Activity: Think about how you recycle in your house! What is your recycling system at home?


Do you know any household items that you can recycle? Chat to mummy or daddy, or nanny or grandad about the different things you recycle.


You could take some photos of what you recycle or how you recycle. Or maybe you would prefer to make a list!