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Today we are continuing to learn our focus story 'The Enormous Turnip'. Can you make some puppets and perform the story for your family to watch?  You could ask an adult to record yourself and send it to another family member who does not live with you.  I would love to see your performances on Tapestry.  

Here are some puppets which you could cut out and stick at the top of straws or wooden sticks. Alternatively, you could draw your own if you are unable to print. Have fun! 


Making puppets - What you need.

How to make the puppets

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Puppet Show!

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Shape addition!


Today we will be exploring addition using shapes.


Cut out the shapes provided.


Pick two shapes.


Can you add the sides together to create a total?


You could write the number sentence to match.


Now try three shapes!

Adding Shapes to find a total


It is Funky Friday! So, lets get creative in phonics. 

We all love Geraldine the Giraffe! Today, we are making our own sock puppet to use for phonics next week.

Lets make a puppet!

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Did you make a puppet? 
What is your puppet called? Can you help me to name my puppet, can you name my puppet on Tapestry? If you did not finish today, you might like to make or finish your puppet during the weekend. I look forward to seeing them!

Puppet made!

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Digraph 'th' or 'ng' challenge.

#BacktoSchool - Alphablocks Level Three | Letter Teams - CH SH TH NG | Learn How to Read

Wellbeing Friday

Play a game with your family, enjoy the time together and practice taking turns. Who won? Who came second?