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Today we are continuing with our focus story 'The Enormous Turnip'.  We are learning to listen carefully to the sounds within a word to help us to write it.   

Look at the pictures on the worksheet. Can you listen to the sounds within the word?  How many sounds can you hear? Can you write the initial sound (the sound at the beginning of the word)? Can you write all of the sounds within the word? 

The last three are more challenging to write the whole word. If you do, the digraphs you will be using are ou, ur and oy. 

Please upload your work to Tapestry once completed. 

Guess the Sound Game - listen carefully... which sounds can you hear?

How many sounds can you hear within a word? Can you write them?

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We would love you to make pictures using shapes today.


Share your wonderful pictures online with us.


Take turns to listen to an adults instructions- do your pictures look the same?


Have a go at my one:


Place a triangle on top of a square. What have you made?


You could use the shapes we have added onto here.


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Drawing Shapes | Shape Songs | PINKFONG Songs

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Segment and blend.

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Wednesday 'ng' digraph

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Digraph 'ng' challenge.

'ng' Words | Blending Phonics Phase 3

Welly Wednesday

Visit a local park or forest. Can you build a den?