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Watch the video below and look carefully at the formation of the letter 'b'. Using your finger and a tray of salt, sugar or sand, can you write the letter 'b' correctly? 

Write this letter on a piece of paper or alternatively complete the 'b' worksheet below. Have a look around your house, how many items can you find that begin with the letter 'b'? 

*Challenge* - can you write these words in your neatest cursive handwriting? 

Letter ‘b’

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Letter Formation Workbook - Today's letter is 'b'

Exploring Chinese Food with Playdough

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Using playdough, can you make some Chinese food?  How is Chinese food different to the food we eat? How is it similar to the food we eat?

Chinese Takeaway Role Play - Writing orders and menus

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Look at a Chinese menu - Have you eaten Chinese food before? Which dishes have you eaten? Which dishes are similar to the food we eat? Which dishes are different? Which would you like to try?


Today you could pretend to be a Chinese takeaway and take orders from your family members or write your own order in your neatest cursive handwriting, and make the food to match the order. You could write your food order for your own Chinese banquet this afternoon.  


You could write a menu for your Chinese Takeaway. Alternatively, you could write a menu for your own Chinese banquet this afternoon.  


When writing today, remember to listen to the sounds that you can hear within the words and write these down. Try to write in cursive handwriting. 


Look at the Chinese numbers - do they look like ours? 

Can you find how old you are?

Can you have a go at writing some of the numbers?

You could even paint or craft them!

Chinese Number Challenge

Can you guess which Chinese Numbers I have written?


Segment and blend

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Let's Get Searching!

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Let's watch and listen, can you remember these phonic sounds?

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Wellbeing Friday

Golden Friday!


Make your own Chinese food or order a Chinese takeaway.

Remember to wear your hat for the Chinese banquet!