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Watch the video below and look carefully at the formation of the letter 'k'. Can you write 'k' correctly? Write this letter on a piece of paper or alternatively complete the 'k' worksheet below. Have a look around your house, how many items can you find that begin with the letter 'k'? 

*Challenge* - can you write these words in your neatest cursive handwriting? 

Letter ‘k’

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Letter Formation Workbook - Today's letter is 'k'

Listening ears ready ... how many sounds can you guess correctly?

Chinese New Year Celebration Invitation

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Write an invitation to invite a close family member (in your household) to your Chinese New Year celebration tomorrow. You have a choice of two designs or could create your own if you are unable to print.  I have left these black and white so you can add your own colour! Use your listening ears to listen carefully to the sounds within a word to help you to write today. Write down the sounds you can hear in your neatest cursive handwriting. 

Use the checklist to see if you have written a super sentence which will make your teacher smile.  Have you included a capital letter, finger spaces between words and a full stop?

When you have written your sentence, remember to read it again to check it makes sense.


Matching the coin to the Numicon piece.

Why doesn’t every piece of Numicon have a coin?

Challenge - How could we make 12p –could we use 2 coins?


WALT Explore Money using Numicon

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Segment and blend

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Thursday- or digraph

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Miss Kelly used chalk but what else could you use today?

Alphablocks - Volume 3 Episode 14 - The End (Diagraphs OI, OR, UR)

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Please sponsor me and support my work by becoming a Patron!! 3 Tricky Words song as requested by many :) Tricky word...

Afternoon Activity

Make a special Chinese red envelope. 

Put it under your pillow and see what happens! You might get a special coin.